WHO:  A faithful and appreciated client of ours has just added more IFE Products to their B737 aircraft fleet WHEN:  December 2016 WHAT:  PAR64 LED Landing Lights replaced the existing PAR64 landing light Q4559                ... read more

IFE Products 2017 Event Schedule

IFE Products is proud to participate in some of the aviation and IFE industry’s finest international events in 2017.  Please take a minute to coincide your schedule with ours, so that we can meet to further discuss our position as a leader in IFE Products, as... read more

Elon Musk Provides Us a Glimpse Into Interplanetary Travel

Countless works of science fiction have imagined what living on other planets or even galaxies might be like, but SpaceX founder Elon Musk is planning for the real thing. These new concept images released by SpaceX might help stir up the interest he needs, while... read more

New Apps Act as IFE and a Resource for Nervous Flyers

Modern flights have an enormous amount of opportunity for you to stay busy, remain distracted or calm that nervous flier’s mind with in-flight entertainment – either with what you can bring on your own, or what is built in to the aircraft itself.  Music,... read more

Big Data looks to SHINE for the MRO Industry

MRO.  Big Data.  Two words that could mean everything to you if you are in the aviation industry…or, absolutely nothing if you are not paying attention to two seismic movements in the business of aviation.  Let’s start by breaking down each of these words:... read more

Solar Planes Coming to Commercial Use in a Decade?

Did anyone hear about this ground-breaking flight?  We LIVE and WORK the mantra of ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.’  It’s an ages old idea that has generated so many great inventors, industry pioneers and US.  We here at IFE want... read more