Exterior LED Lamp Replacement

For Bombardier Dash-8-100/-200/-300/-400, we replace the following exterior lamps:

PAR64: Q4559
for additional info: PAR64

PAR46: 4554
for additional info: PAR46

PAR36: 4591, 4594, 4631, 5596, 4593, 4626, 4587, 4627, 4632, 4587, 5587
for additional info: PAR36

Applicable PMAs: PQ3968CE Supplement 21/26/27/28

Our exterior LED lamps are PMA certified as plug & play replacements to existing filament lamps requiring no aircraft modifications to aircraft wiring nor structure. Simply swap the filament lamp with our LED lamps. Applicable for landing, taxi/turnoff, wing inspection, logo light and other similar applications, our lamps offer improved performance with less power, less heat and long-term reliability.

  • Various configurations of aircraft models and filament lamps listed are included in existing PMA supplements.
  • If you do not see your part numbers listed, please contact us to determine applicability.
  • For more information, please contact us.