Military Aircraft LED Lighting

Aircraft LEDs for the Military Market

IFE Products is a world leader in proven LED lighting for the aerospace market

Our LED landing lights and taxi lights are proven and substantiated to meet the most rugged environments and military aircraft applications. They are FAA certified for most OEM platforms.


LEDs for the Mission 

    • Transport/Cargo
    • Special Mission
    • Reconnaissance
    • Trainer
    • Search & Rescue
    • Tanker
    • Utility
    • Government VIP

Our LED lamps are designed to replace existing filament lamps in existing fixtures Plug & Play with no electrical nor structural modifications to aircraft. They offer the latest technologies for improved performance with less power, less heat, and long-term reliability to ensure mission success. The lights are designed to meet the most stringent environmental and EMC requirements and exceed both FAA and military specifications. The robust designs ensure improved operational readiness.

Miltary Aircraft

Lockheed – including:

C-130 Hercules
C-5 Galaxy

Boeing – including:

KC-135 Tanker
C-17 Globemaster

McDonnel Douglas – including:


*Our LEDs are applicable for most aircraft OEMs

Lockheed C-130, C-5
Lockheed C-130, C-5
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Boeing KC-135, C-17
Boeing KC-135, C-17
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McDonnel Douglas KC-10

Exterior LED Solutions

Landing Lights, Taxi Lights, Position Lights

Interior LED Solutions

Cargo Lighting, Cockpit Lighting