1978X LED Position & Navigation Lights

Replace existing 1978X filament T3 bulb & upgrade to LED

IFE Products has developed a family exterior LED lamps including this latest LED to replace existing 1978X position and nav lights. This PMA certified plug & play lamp offers improved performance and reliability by taking advantage of the latest technologies.

  • Replace unreliable existing filament lamps without modifications
  • Offer improved performance with less power and less heat
  • Long term warranty

PMA/8130 and additional FAA and EASA approvals can be provided as needed

Part Number  IFE1978X
Base Type: T3 Festoon, Double End Cap, Axial
Input voltage: 10V AC/DC
Color Temp: 3050K
Light Output: 2,000 Lumens
Replaces existing part numbers 1978X, GE 1978X, LP1978X

LED IFE1978X replaces existing part numbers 1978X, GE 1978X and LP1978X

  • B757-200/-300
  • B767-200/-300/-400
  • MD-10/MD-11
  • A300/A310

IFE Products provides our exterior LED lights with substantiations and PMA/8130 depending on program requirements. We can provide any required installation certifications engineering or support yours to meet your specific program certification requirements:

  • PMA with 8130 or Form One
  • DER 8110 approvals
  • EASA minor modification approvals

Replace existing position and nav lamp P/N 1978X with new LED lamp P/N IFE1978X.

PMA certified as direct plug & play replacement for Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas fleet types

New LED lamp replaces existing P/N 1978X in existing position and nav light fixtures Plug & Play with PMA.