Video Refurbishing Services

FAA/EASA Certified Repair Station
FAA VRFR360X/EASA.145.6442



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IFE Products

IFE Products provides certified test and repair services for the industry’s major OEMs through its repair station Video Refurbishing Services.

Video Refurbishing Services (VRS) is an FAA/EASA repair station providing certified repairs and component level repair services for Inflight Entertainment equipment, cabin management controllers, and cockpit control panels/call panels from the industry’s major OEMs.

Since 2002, VRS has provided a cost effective approach to meet the service needs of the commercial aviation industry. VRS has a team of experienced technicians and engineers with decades of experience from the most widely recognized MROs and OEMs in the world. We work with the oldest and newest systems in the industry. Our commitment to Quality, Value, and Service is recognized by airlines, service organizations, and OEMs alike. We are a Dual Release FAA/EASA repair station facility.

Sister company IFE Products is an industry-leading supplier of PMA certified plug & play exterior and interior LED lighting products. Product offerings include: landing, taxi, logo, navigation, wing inspection lights, and interior LED reading, cargo and cockpit annunciator lighting.