Overhead Ceiling Mounted or Retractable IFE systems

Overhead in-flight entertainment made smart, simple and cost effective

IFE Products can install a new, affordable IFE system, as stand-alone IFE or integrated and complimentary IFE system to WIFI system for personal devices.

Ideal for safety briefings, advertising and playing in-flight entertainment content

  • LED Monitors provide unbeatable viewing experience
  • Lightweight and low power
  • Powered by reliable Solid State Drives
  • Galley, Closet, or Bag-Bin Control Unit Mounting
  • Touchscreen Flight Attendant Interface with digital controls
  • Lowest-Cost Retractable IFE System Worldwide!

A typical system includes:

  • Ceiling or retractable monitors
  • Controller/server with shroud for transmitting and control of content
  • Structural mounting provisions for controller and monitors
  • Electrical provisions including wiring and coax to controllers and PSUs
  • Custom design, installation engineering, substantiation & FAA/EASA certification

Touchscreen server/controller for easy flight attendant interface can be of custom dimensional characteristics and screen size, and mounted in galley, closet or bag bin.