Digital LCD Monitors

Replace existing monitors with customized installation units


Our monitors vary for Plug and Play replacements for older Sony, Rockwell, and Panasonic monitors to new installation units. Whether interfacing with your existing front-end equipment or installed with our digital media player, these monitors can be customized to your application and certified with PMA or STC. IFE Products offers bulkhead monitors and ceiling monitors.

  • 15-60 minute installation time
  • LED backlit for unrivaled brightness
  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight (less than 5 pounds) – less than almost any existing small monitor
  • MTBF of 40,000 hours
  • HD compatible

For a typical program, IFE Products will replace your existing CRT monitors and bulkhead LCD monitors with our LED LCD monitors including all mounting hardware, interconnecting cables, and shrouds to directly replace your existing equipment.

Shrouds and Mounting Plates For retrofit applications, our monitors can be provided with custom shrouds and mounting provisions to allow for a true “plug and play” installation requiring no structural or electrical modifications to the aircraft.

*Additional sizes available


In a typical program, IFE Products replaces different size monitors with PMA and plug & play installation and certification approach saving considerable weight and increasing reliability substantially. Chosen monitors are designed with custom installation provisions including the required shroud, pigtail and structural provisions and ship with PMA and 8130. Any required pigtails and extension cables are included. Structural provisions utilize existing mounting holes. PMAd kits and BOMs are provided to illustrate all included installation provisions requirements for each monitor station. IFE Products provides our monitors with substantiations and PMA/8130 depending on program requirements. We can provide any required installation certifications engineering or support yours to meet your specific program certification requirements:

  • PMA with 8130
  • DER 8110 approvals
  • EASA minor modification approvals