With latest FAA PMA approvals, IFE Products now offers LED replacement lamps for navigation and logo light fixtures for most commercial fleet types.

FAA has just issued PMA for LED lamps to replace existing CM8-A103 halogen bulbs for most Airbus A320, A330 and A340 navigation light fixtures.

The LED lamp replaces the existing halogen bulb plug & play with no aircraft modifications and operates with improved, long-lasting performance with much less power and heat.

IFE Products had already received FAA PMA for LED upgrade of the 1978X bulb for B757 and B767 nav applications, and for the HLX64621/LP64621 used in many B737 and B777 aircraft nav, wing inspection and logo light applications.

These lamps are now available and ship with 8130. Contact us at sales@ifeproducts.com for more info.