IFE Products provides component level repair service for its IFE equipment as well as all other leading manufacturers equipment. IFE Products provides FAA certified repairs through its sister company, Video Refurbishing Services. Video Refurbishing Services offers repair services for almost any piece of IFE equipment in existence. With decades of experience and technicians from the most widely recognized MROs and OEMs in the world, Video Refurbishing can handle all of your repair needs at an unbeatable price! Since 2002, VRS has provided a cost effective approach to meet the service needs of the commercial aviation In-flight Entertainment Industry (IFE). Our unique approach to service has saved airlines and OEMs millions of dollars each year. IFE Products/VRS has a team of experienced technicians and engineers with decades of experience working with the oldest and newest IFE systems in the industry. Our commitment to Quality, Value, and Service is recognized by airlines, service organizations, and OEMs alike. We are a Dual Release FAA/EASA repair station facility.

Video Refurbishing Services is an FAA/EASA Certified Part 145 Repair Station with capabilities to service almost any piece of IFE equipment in existence. Equipment Repair Categories include but not limited to:

  • Video Projectors
  • Projector Lamps
  • CRT Monitors
  • LCD Monitors – Fixed
  • LCD Monitors – Retractable
  • LCD Monitors – Seat Display
  • Tape Reproducers (VHS and Hi-8)
  • Audio Reproducers
  • Video System Control Units
  • Passenger Control Units
  • Video Distribution Units
  • Cabin Management Units
  • File Servers
  • Seat Electronic Boxes
  • Multiplexers
  • Handsets

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We specialize in the older fleets of in-seat video systems. We have all test equipment required to test, service and repair the MAS 2000/MAS3000 systems, EFX, FX2 systems, and the Rockwell Collins TES and DTES systems. We can test every aspect of these systems from the PCUs and Cradles, Seat Displays, DSEBs, IVASEBs, ADBs, Token Ring Hubs, CMEUs, CMTs, VMUs, and EPESCs. And, we have invested in purchasing many aircraft spares to ensure that we can support these systems for years to come. OEM equipment supported

  • Panasonic
  • Rockwell Collins
  • Sony TransCom
  • TEAC/Goodrich
  • Hughes Avicom International

Video Refurbishing Services offers outright purchases, exchange programs, and consignment programs to support all your inventory needs. Contact us to request our Full Capabilities List Inventory Solutions

If your equipment requires upgrade with latest technologies to ensure better functionality and reliability, consider a DER repair. We can design a part modification with DER approval and provide this upgrade at a fraction of the cost of new equipment while improving the performance and reliability of your IFE systems.

  • Extend life of existing equipment
  • Upgrade your monitors backlighting from CCFL to LED
  • Upgrade your LCD screens on your existing monitors

And always consider plug and play upgrades with PMA for easy aircraft modification with no installation or certification headaches.