PAR36 LED Logo Lights

Replace unreliable existing filament lamps without modifications

IFE Products has developed a family of exterior LED PAR lights to replace existing landing lights, taxi lights, and logo lights. These certified PMA plug and play lamps offer improved performance and reliability by taking advantage of the latest technologies.

  • Replace unreliable existing filament lamps without modifications
  • Offer improved intensity and beam spread with less heat and power
  • High MTBF of 50,000 hours
  • Long term warranty of 5 years

PMA/8130 and additional EASA and FAA approvals can be provided as needed.

Part Number: IFE360-LED
90,000-175,000 Candlepower
Replaces Existing part numbers Q4631, Q4632, Q4626, Q4594

LED PAR36 Replaces:

  • Q4631
  • Q4632
  • Q4626
  • Q4594

Most Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier fleet types

IFE Products provides our interior LED lights with substantiations and PMA/8130 depending on program requirements. We can provide any required installation certifications engineering or support yours to meet your specific program certification requirements:

  • PMA with 8130 or Form One
  • DER 8110 approvals
  • EASA minor modification approvals